A Love Couple Cuddling On a Couch

Written by: Andrea Dietrich

The cute figurine I am looking at now is one of a couple at home on a couch. The guy, at the end of the couch, comfortably relaxes, a pillow upon his left knee. With her head on the pillow there at his knee, his gal reclines sideways while they watch TV. On the top of the couch is perched a white cat, which I picture them now and then giving a pat! In front of the couch of this sweet figurine is their loyal puppy, completing the scene. How nice it is to be comfy cozy snuggling together, a picture so rosy. How precious the moments in one’s family, for with those we love is the best place to be! The link to copy and paste if you care to see this figurine, which costs $75 to buy!!! http://www.outdoorlivingshowroom.com/figurines/precious-moments-4003175-love-couple-cuddling-on-couch-figurine_g748992.html For the Precious Moment the figurines Poetry Contest of Nathan a