Tears for The Unknown Boy

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

Tears I shed for a boy I didn't know
Connected with him through the Holy Spirit
Society says men are not suppose to cry
Yet God made me this way
My tears spilled over to God's servant Pete
A balm for his broken heart
In that moment we were forever connected
His pain and faith became mine
I will treasure his gift
He walks with Grace and Courage
He carries his head high
Not once losing sight of God's great love
Scriptures stored in his heart have new meaning
God is not a liar
All of his promises have been kept
I am left in awe of God's great Love
Sadness has been transformed to light
Light that will guide me down God's narrow path
One day I will meet this unknown boy
He will greet me at Heaven's Gate
A place where all tears are washed away