Titillated Fingers

Written by: Stephen Parker

Gentle vibes through extended fingers crest
Through your coiffed locks in playful jest
Your frivolous quotient to wryly test
In coy response, you addle your head on my vest
Against my sinewy contours, lubed lips are pressed
My titillated digits from your silken strands digress
Down suave, smooth neck with tender strokes caress
In tantric harmony, our twined pulses coalesce
At your behest, stimulated tentacles broach throbbing chest;
Then swivel into the funnel of your bleating nest
Nimbly, coarse fibers massage each palpitating breast
In rhapsodic chorus, each mound swells in gleeful duress
'Till warm blood in each rendered, reddening pap rests
Pleasing each tap until sweet nectar each tendril doth bless