Written by: Yesha Shah

For pot-bellied uncles staring shamelessly For lechers ogling, whistling by the road side For exploiting girls and killing ruthlessly For chauvinistic men forcing female foeticide, Now, no more clumsy lame excuses. For game-seeking loafers and perverts at bus-stands For all powerful molesters who got to get away For masochistic husbands wielding an upper hand For "she asked for it", these words who say, Now, no more clumsy lame excuses. For those who believe, a girl should lower her eyes For those who expect women not to answer back For those who feel show of oppressive strength is nice For those who think its core and courage we lack Now, no more clumsy lame excuses. For now, we press for policies of zero tolerance For now, we shall rise like a phoenix, to carve a niche For now, after much suffering, we ran out of patience For now, we are out to eradicate the cancer of social psyche So, No more clumsy lame excuses. * the roots of the crime against women, rape, are deeply embroiled in the social psyche wherein at every stage the women are considered as lesser beings and perpetrators are always more likely to get away and with this confidence are the atrocities meted out. We need policies of zero tolerance and a multi pronged approach towards the issue.