Written by: Jack Ellison

I'm afraid to comment on our extra warm winter Afraid I might break the spell This here's only between me and youse guys From the roof tops I wanna yell Hallelujah, gadzooks, feels like the tropics Went out without a coat yesterday Is this guy nuts? Has he gone totally bonkers? Sure feels like a spring day in May Dream on little fellow, you're delusional methinks You're in for a brush with reality Oh well I've heard those psychiatric institutions Are nice with a air of tranquility But sadly it eventually will come to an end And I'll be all hunkered down inside Turning the thermostat to “sizzling” again A heat rash will redden my hide Wrote this a year ago as we were experiencing one of the mildest winter on record! This year... ugh!... back to normal! Been dumped on a few times! © Jack Ellison 2012