Perfect Hallucination

Written by: Steven Dean

Nothing about her is wrong, really such a marvelous creation
Not one error was made on her, she's the perfect hallucination
Everytime I turn my head, I see her right before my eyes
She smiles and holds out her hands, that's where my heart lies
I reach to touch her skin, and quickly she dissolves
Not even realizing the amount of emotion, this involves
My mind's losing control, it's believing she'll actually stay
Then the heart stops beating, once again she flashed away
Her voice never leaves my head, a masterpiece describes the sound
Hearing her call out my name, she's the fox and I'm the hound
She stays sassy and sexy, her sweet scent fills up my nose
I can't focus on anything, how loud my heart pounding grows
Only she knows how to steal my love, time and time again
She vanishes at the worst moments, yet to hate her would be a sin
The anxiety to see her again, is full and ample
Spent less than three seconds with her, only a sample
Desperate to taste her lips, and stroke her hair
She looks so real, but she's fake, this is so unfair
Her physical beauty is just so exemplary and dreamy
She beguils me, wondering what she thinks when she sees me 
I wait impassively for her to randomly appear again
I titillate at the thought of what I might see her in
One day I'll claim her, a ghost I must make mine
The perfect hallucination, with a love so divine