Don't Play Me

Written by: Nestor David Armas

Sometime somehow;
I hope these words
Reach you,
In retrospect I write,
You came into my life
Shook my resolve
Made me believe
In something unknown,
You gave me hope
And then you walked away,
Left me wondering;
What you meant,
The purpose for your existence
In mine,
I thought I figured you out
Or so I seemed to see,
A reflection of me;
So I wanted to reach out
Not for the conventional
That which love stories are made of,
No not for this,
I wanted to connect as a human
To have the joy of someone's presence
No commitment,
Neither to intrude in your life's plans,
Just to walk side by side
Sharing tribulations joys and goals,
Innocently I approached
Sincere in my intent,
I don't play so don't play me
I wish to listen clearly,
Your honest purpose;
If I can know your heart,
But to be simply your pal
Here for you now and whenever,
Without keeping tabs
Not a tissue for your issues;
But a shoulder
Give you strength,
You're not alone;
But I've always been...