Gerber baby meeeeee contest

Written by: Seren Roberts

I lie there with contented bliss
As though awaiting that princely kiss
It worries me that in years to come
I will be horrified showing my bum

Will life be kind, will know no fear
Not with loving parents always there
To  guide me through life's tetchy path
To happiness and love that lasts

Must follow the dream no matter what
So take my hand in life's foxtrot
Hope and happiness, health and honesty
Dance through life with tenacity

So young Seren your name means star
How you  will shine your light from afar 
Is  the answer only you can provide
Always saying "did my best, i tried"

From a picture of myself taken in a studio lying on my tum with a woollie hat on, the cord of the pompom going down my back resting on my bum. Aged about 7 weeks. 

Seren Roberts    Dated Jan  3 rd  2013