To Laughter

Written by: Ian Thomas Phillips

I have an idea for some verse,
   But cannot get it down
With rhythmic phrases, just so terse-
   This causes me to frown;

There are two subjects, worlds apart,
   'Tis they I wish to join,
But I can't figure how to start
   Or the phrases I must coin.
For, I went into the family wood
   To find my sittin' log,
Repose I sought and (if I could)
   My mind's caverns unfog.

The forest was freshed from an April shower
   And lo, between bald, barren beeches,
I stooped to pluck a stem with flower:
   The white and yellow Dutchman's Breeches

And thought back through the past
   To the first time I had ever seen
 Said flower, they were broadcast
    And on a plasa screen,

While I was in the Netherlands,
   In the 420 Cafe,
Often a smile Irony sends
   And so she did today:

Of all the things I could have seen
   In dear old Amsterdam...
Dutchman's Breeches on Dutch TV,
   While I smoked a dutchman's gram?!?!

I laughed and thought so many things
   (None of which I wish to share);
To laughter, may he reign and ring
   In times of worry or dearth of care!