I Loved Him Too

Written by: Joe Flach

I always knew that my father loved me
Though he never said those words
And hugs were not shared between two men
I know, today that sounds absurd

I remember that day I had to wear a tie
But couldn’t create the perfect knot
Though my father tried to show me how
Follow his instructions, I could not

He tried to tie it for me facing me
But had trouble himself that way
So he stood behind reaching around in front
And I felt his hug the first time that day

We both looked into the mirror
As his hands crisscrossed the tie
The image could not be clearer
As I stared into my father’s eyes

He may have been uncomfortable being this close to me
As I stood so perfectly still
I felt secure wrapped tightly in his arms
Forget that feeling - I never will

No words were exchanged between us two
As the Windsor was pulled up tight
He smiled, then messed up my just combed hair
And at that moment the world was right

I still wear the cologne he wore that day
The smell of it brings back memories of my Dad
And puts a smile back on my face
Thinking about the good times that we had