Overseas Love

Written by: awoh kingsley awoh

I saw an eye in the middle of an ocean
She beacons on me to come and bathe in her oceans
Like an innocent fish
I swam in-between her holes
Showing me the way to d deep
The eye held me so close with her lashes
Blinking her seductive strength into my nature
I became a half man in her strength
She conquered me all the way
Given me the finest pleasure any woman can give
She lives across the blue oceans and seas
She is busy bizzy beaming her search light for her oversea lover
I love my friend she loves me too
We share secret no tongues can utter
Her body is my colour
And my colour her ego
She is an African queen whose breasts filled my mouth
The shape of her body is succulent and soaked with wonders
She smiling at my naughty pen because i promise to be loyal to her and not share her love with anyway
She is an angel and my beautiful baby girl....
Bizzy beautiful
Nature's wonders...