Turn it over to Him

Written by: Toquyen Harrell

What do you want to take place each day?
Are you scared?
Are you nervous of facing someone?
Whatever it is
Just leave it to the Lord
He will calm you down
And give you peace
If we just leave everything to Him
We will never be nervous once in our life
He is there
The Arranger, the Organizer, the Doer
Will take care of everything for you
Just hand them to Him
And see how He will make everything fall into places
You will see His peace flow through you
As never before
Because you hand them over to God
He wants them
And He wants to take care
It is His job
You would be trampling over His authority
If you worry and do it on your own
Cast your care on the Lord
That is what the Bible said
Are you casting your care?