Not Real

Written by: Nestor David Armas

She is not real
On some bottle I broke the seal
Imbibed all it's contents
And now I'm pouring all my sentiments
Out onto the sidewalk
Can't hardly walk
The pavement is cool
Refreshing to this fool
I yell out her name
This is not Yatzee a game
I'm crawling and mumbling
As I try to stand; I'm tumbling
I can't make heads or tails
Of this pain sharp as nails
In the depths of my heart
I'm aching and falling apart
These feelings are worse
Than being trampled by a horse
Is it obsession or love?
I plead to the heavens above
To send her back to me
To return things to how they used to be
But that won't happen
I can't wipe it all away with a napkin
But maybe I know a way
To make it through the next day
I'll just simply tell myself a lie
Why I didn't get to say goodbye
This truth I will never reveal
She was not real...