Old Excuses

Written by: Carrie Richards

To view this dawn through fading dreams,   
Aware of silver feet upon the roof
Eaves shiver wet, excuses spring
With murmured sounds, my reasons scheme

To burrow down and doze aloof
Remembering, now, a distant place
A childhood bed, the warm embrace
I stretch my arms with no regrets

And see that place...and rainbows, yet
From crayons of time, I can't forget
I loved the rain upon the grass 
Beyond the margins framed inside.
A sense of time with mute caress,
Will find the place my soul resides
I'm still a child, and so it goes
I'll play outside in rain drenched dress

I'll dance and play in soggy clothes
With sticky mud between my toes
My one excuse to stay in bed
          to dream,....and turn my childhood loose