Oh Boy

Written by: Tim Ryerson

Hey, this is nice floating around in here
No sweat and no strain, got nothing to fear
Whoa! What is this? (Don't mean to complain)
I think I got flushed down somebody's drain
Ouch! What's the deal? Must you be so damn rough?
I refuse to come out! Don't like it? That's tough
Crap, I'm exhausted; I'm too tired to fight
The lights! The lights! Turn off the freekin' lights!
Slap ME on the ass? That hurts you old cow!
Okay! I'm screaming! You satisfied now?

Hello...Pleased to meet'cha, and who might be you?
Daddy? Yeah, right, so what else is new?
Good lord, I'm burnt out, I could use a short rest
Where? Well okay, right here on your chest?
Wow, this is cool! It's really kinda neat
Like hearing the sound of your gentle heartbeat
Yes, rock me a little, I sure won't refuse
And hum me a tune while I take a quick snooze...

***Had the priviledge and pleasure of being the first to hold my son after he was born.
There was a picture but alas, it is long gone. Now the only picture that remains is the one imprinted in my memory...