Six O'Clock

Written by: Sharon Morken

Look to the right
Look to the left
Look down in front
Take my first step

Eyes on the clock
Then up the block
Something ain't right
It's six o'clock

Bus isn't here
Isn't this great!
Want that promotion
Being late will raise the stakes

Finally here
Guess I'm sittin in the rear
Out the window
So dark outside
Makes it challenging  to remember pride

Through traffic lights
Lots and lots of ring tones
Lit up LCD Screens
This is something 
I could've lived without seeing

120 min 
Seems sooo long
Wish I could nap
So hard to relax
I'll sit back,
Throw on my MP3
Cant let this long journey get a hold of me
Arrive to work
Yep, I spilled coffee on my shirt
Too late to fix
Now it's the color of bricks
Oh well.
Seems to be a colorful day
Don't think everything will go my way