What are these voices in my head?
So lecherously dark the things said
Fallen angels caress my feet,
Whispers of obscene deceit.

Restrained with satin master's binds,
A slave held with passion's vines
Devilish voices ravishing my ear,
Disclosing things too wicked to hear.

Out damn spots my hands so stained,
 Enchanted with impassioned chained
Desire beats at every nerve, sanity in doubt
Virginal blood washes, but won't come out.

Laboriously running down thighs unbreachable,
Escape impossibly unreachable.
Urgent coaxes encouraging me back,
Exodus from hell unholy black.

Lusting for more then my remains,
Coveting the essence in my veins.
Brimstone labyrinth endless ascension,
Prayers of salvation offers no redemption.

Tangled in bed linens, I fall to the floor,
A cold apprehension rocks me to my core.
Evil scratches at the entrance of my soul,
Something insisting my innocence as toll.

The inside of my mouth tastes of mud,
One by one the voices chant for virgin blood.
Damned by this nightmarish torturous spell,
Satan bound me to the hordes of hell.