25th December

Written by: habib akewusola

25th December.

Receive this anointing
Fore She keeps hunting 
christianity's doctrine,
Early this morning
I mean in every country,
Rhythmic spirit of happiness
Keeps walking
As the streets are never boring,
Inside each door every family is
Some baking maybe frying,
Expecting relations to come knocking
And await the joyful request to
Come in.
She children riding on a donkey,
On the field merriment is grouped
In dozens.
I love the way the sky glitters,
Dad bought me two new slippers,
My Mum just delivered a cute baby
I am watching a play of the magician,
He turned a chair into a tall giraffe.
Praise the Good LORD for those who
Can scream Glory,
This day on the page of my bible
Renews man's hope,
I pledge to the unity and growth
As christmas will forever be my
Humanity's oath.

Habib Akewusola.