My Starling

Written by: Hira Zeeshan

Let it rain over me.
Let it wash away the misery.
Give a chance to smile to glow.
Don't stop the happiness river's flow.
I need you my friend.
I just want to be by your side.
In your arms I want to die.
Just don't let this drought,
Finish the field of lush green love of mine.
All I dream is you.
And I'm sure whatever I feel for you is true and 
you feel the same too.
Just let my heart pound so heart.
Maybe it's the beginning of a new start.
My dear don't go away,
Please come back and stay.
Maybe we can live forever
Hand in Hand.
My dear where ever I go.
Your love's shadow follow me.
Though I know I love you,
But you don't know what I've been through.
Maybe we can break the chains again,
Maybe we can let the hatred drain away.
Maybe we can give one more chance.
OH! listen to me my darling.
I love you my starling.