New Year's Acrostic

Written by: Sara Kendrick

J  ournals written_ let them be in your past
O  bsolete not an obstacle to future amassed
Y  earning now for future that is very good
F  acinorous tendencies leave_ do what you should
U  understand this New Year is a clean slate
L  ean on the Holy Spirit and you'll make no mistake

N  ascent gift let your voice express
E' claircessment possess don't suppress
W  antage of inspiration quickly dispossess

Y  arn teller_gifted and gift user be
E  ffable poetry_God grant all the key
A  bditive gift_bring from under the bushel
R  aconteur be this New Year no need for puzzle  

Nascent_begging to develop
E'claircissement_The enlightment
Effable_utterable, expressable
Abditive_having the quality of hiding or secret
Raconteur_a person who is skilled in relating stories

Sponsor: Francine Roberts
Contest: New Year's Acrostic