Written by: Floyd Jackson

When we look for love we never 
find it, but when we stop 
looking it ends up right In front 
of us.
Once we have it, how do we 
keep it? If love is the highest 
feeling then how do we reach 
Love can't be taught, its 
something we just know, if one 
cannot understand anything 
else, just rely on love and I 
promise you'll grow.
Grow with love, na better yet 
just go with love. Don't give up 
and don't fight it, if you can't 
say it just write it. Let your true 
feelings be know, no matter 
how young or how grown.
Love is a feeling we can't help 
but feel, are biggest battle is 
knowing if its real. We think 
love doesn't work cause we 
fight each other, when really 
we're fighting ourselves.
Instead of expressing how we 
really feel about one another, 
we hide our true emotions by 
playing games. Games that 
neither of us never really win. 
One person remains victorious 
while for the other person it all 
So love like you've never loved 
before, give in instead of giving 
up, walk instead of run. True 
love is forever, so what's your