Another year out another year in

Written by: Bobb Marly

Another year out another year in
Thinking of where I'm going thinking of where I've been

2012 was rough and full of disappointments
Political and social fails and destruction of innocence

Natural disasters economic collapses
Drug addiction world war stresses

Religion upside down
God treated like a clown

Sleeping christians mesmerized
By catchy tunes and gadgets miniaturized

The enemy leads us now
He doctors our children and teaches them wow

I pray for our society in the new year 2013

Father Your children are losing their faith
They have forgotten who You are they've forgotten Your face

A bright screen of light has become their god
They worship until in sleep they nod

Wake up oh children wake up today
That god is a devil and has lead you astray

Father shake the earth and shake it good
Stop us from drinking satans blood

Christ shed His blood every drop for us all
satan gives us blood to drink as poisoned we fall

30 Dec 2012 8:35 AM