No Good

Written by: Bianca Jones

Governing a smile with tension

Doing my best not to raise suspicion-

     But it does me no good

Gone awhile without showing the expression

The frail and distort paleness in complexion

Tried my best to be present, yet so far I've failed at showing the proof

Kindness and sincerity flushed from me

Wasted down rusted pipes and cracked tubing

Faking it impossibly, but doing my best to stay cool

While fully aware that it does me no good

Though on the brink of anxiety

Banging at the front door of retirement-

     Because falsity wears on fools

Foolishly succumbing

Slipping through palms that easily crumble

That make weakness seem humble

That bears pause to the easily corrupted

Trying ones best to overcome the uncomfortable

Though completely aware that it does me no good.