Turn Off the Stars

Written by: Nestor David Armas

Compose me a song
I’ll never hear;
And I’ll write you a letter 
You’ll never read,
Words built up in me 
Before we met
Legos now scattered 
In a sandbox
Where no one plays; 
See the silence thick 
From the echoes 
Yet to be heard
Lying under the shallow grains
Waiting to be unearthed,
You pull me 
From the shadows
I hide behind, 
Glimmer in my eyes
Catching your reflection,
The only light I’ve ever known
Halo on your head bright
But turn the off the stars and find
It’s only the moon’s light cast
Making you appear angelic
A savior to my soul lit
By hopes and dreams
I cannot reach without you,
I retreat into the dark
Seeking another light
I’ll never find again…