Mother India

Written by: RIMA ANIL.NAIK

Years ago,I was in bondage,I 
was in chains......I was ruled 
over,I was lame....

I took blood shed,I wept in 
Innocent people died at my 
feet,I wept in silence,
Innocents were hanged,I wept 
in Silence,
A part of me was cut and 
separated ,I wept in silence...
I was called India! I was free..I 
I was called Mother India..I 
My children were happy,I 

Today I am 63,old and feeble,
My little girls are raped and 
killed,I weep in silence,
My little kids are sold and 
killed,I weep in silence,
My boys don't respect me or 
any woman,I weep in silence,

Was I freed to see this?
The bondage was better than 
being a slave of my own 
The chains were better than 
being a free yet helpless 
I cry,I weep...I weep in 

(Dedicated to the brutal 
gangrape in New Delhi-India)