Oops, I made a gaffe today

Written by: Toquyen Harrell

You will have many gaffes through your life
Some would make you so embarrassed
That you thought you would hide
But you live and learn
You cannot help but making mistakes
As it is part of the process of being developed
You will go through one after another
And you think “will it ever end”
But laugh and gather yourself
Life is one big puzzle
With many pieces that are full of pictures
But many are the fillers
Those, my friends, are your blunders
Social mistakes, GAFFES
So cheer up
Pull yourself out of the wrapper
And face the world
After all, it wouldn’t be fun if you are perfect all the time
We want to make sure you are human
So there
Go on 
Make mistakes
And err
But don’t forget to learn
And tell about it
Won’t you?