Craven knight on battle field caught,
Why so colossally distraught?
Thine panicked eyes dart to and fro,
Searching for a safe-harbor to go.
As the fierce battle wages all around,
Why naught thine courage be found?
Even through dense armor I see,
A yellow streak down the back of thee.
Thine knees quake so as armors chime,
Advancing foe annihilation so prime.
Enemies hath only to follow echoing din,
To find thou secreted cravenously within.
Thine blade polished anew like ne'er used,
Hence thine armor unbloodied stand accused.
Thou may hide from thine foe in obscurity,
But from thine own-self there be no security.
Thine trembling heart will find no peace,
As thine self-deception e'ermore increase.
Thou may go through life with trepidations intact,
But thou ne'er-more shall win thine valor back.