Next Opponent

Written by: Bernard Colasurdo

What am I doing here 
Just going through the motions
I think everything will be ok, that I’ll be ok
Then I get sucker punched
With an emotional blow to the gut
Can’t take much more of this beating 
I’m bleeding
Feeding off others who are needing.
How can they help me if they can’t help themselves?
How can I help them if I cant help myself?
It’s a see saw effect
Up down up down up down
Now what?
Where do we go from here?
Is there even a purpose to this ride?
I just want to hide
Im empty inside 
Now that my dreams and death collide
What am I doing here
 just going through the motions
cant find the purpose in this 
I’m pissed
I put up my fists
But my opponent laughs at me 
Taunts me with the truth
That my future has kissed 
me goodbye
I wanna cry
Curl up in a ball and die
And I’ve got 10 more rounds of this abuse
So whats the use?
This fight is just an excuse 
not to try. 
At least that’s what they say.
I pray for the bell to ring to end this round 
As I lay lifeless on the ground
Your fists pound
One… two… three…ten! 
You’re out, 
The uncaring shout…
Fights over
Next opponent