Hello Kitty

Written by: Seren Roberts

The house name is Hello  Kitty
Bet you think thats very witty

But to live with all of this  is not witty
If I was rude I would say its shytee

Let's start at the top of this fine house
Its covered with Hello Kitty right down to the mouse.

It has curtains and bed covers cushions and sheets
Then the dressing gown and p.j. make it complete

The towels, all bathroom items all have this print
Even the soap didn't escape this restraint

We sit on Hello Kitty chairs and eat off the plates
that has the face, of this  darned cat, no escape

Wears tee shirts and jeans, bearing this theme
Even the trainers are groaning under this scheme

The car is pink, smellies are guess what
Kitty seat covers are covering every spot

It all looks O.T.T. a little looks great
But when your name is Boxer funny it aint