Written by: xena latchman

My sun is hidding in the dark
the wonderful things in life I no longer lark
i have been wrapped around in a cloth
of confusion.
Denying mistakes,
Living in illusion.
Ala's i stand alone to battle my own fear,
to face other hypocrits and the one's i thought
who cared.
surrounded in an evil, ungrateful society
when being classed as neggativety.
to others am a joke, an idiot, a disgrace.
i am not even worthy to show my face.
I am not capable of reaching hopes and
I'm just a stupid child who can't do anything.
Please! quit judging me, quit hating me, quit
making me feel like dirt.
Your words are like swords,
they kill and they hurt.
When will this nightmare be over?
when will it end?
I'm ineed of someone, a mother, a father, a sister