Written by: Paul Morgana


Who is the one, that always greets you, 
Happy and friendly, in humans so few . 

His anatomy differs, from humans for sure,
 Yell and scream, he'll come back for more. 

Big or small, it matters not,
Panting its tongue, means he's hot. 

Tail wagging fiercely, true to his mood,
 Loyal and trustworthy, and often times lewd. 

He scratches and licks, whenever he please,
 These may be signs, of infestation with fleas. 

Have you guessed yet, of the species I speak?
 A canine of coarse, some scary some meek!

A wolf its thought his ancestors be,
Domestic now, his spirit still free. 

Just watch him run and tear out the door,
 The outdoors ingrained, they always need more. 

Time in the wild, to sniff and run free, 
They know the location, of every tree.

Be smart or dumb, it matters not,
Unconditional loyalty is what you've got..
Rich or poor, your dog doesn't care,
Short or tall or what you wear. 

They give you love, asking little in return,
Just food and drink, you may treat them stern.

And still a dogs master, is forever his chum,
 Even if the master, to his dog is a bum. 

We humans with all are gadgets and IQ,
Can't match the canine's ability to be true. 

Let's take a lesson, from mans best friend,
Love and loyalty to others, is the message to send.