Written by: Carl Fraser

Another winding road, another hardship.
"Builds character," they say;
Well, I must be one helluva character by now I guess.
Still I smile and laugh at myself for the little quirks i have.
Like enjoying how a sneeze feels;
Ahh, Im still alive
Living in this hive.
Being pushed and prodded to conformity;
"Get with the program," they say.
Well I've always Kinda gone against the grain
Teeth into the wind
And a sailors spiteful Arrgh! every now and then.
I love being Alive
Born to Survive
"But your my family, my blood," they say.
Right... You' ve had me bleeding for years,
And never once provided a band-aid.
If time heals all wounds ,
I'm going to live to a ripe old age.
And the Sign-post says I'm Alive.
Alive, Alive, Alive.