Who Can Love Me

Written by: Therese Bacha

                              Who Can Love Me

Living a past that lacked love and attention
 I became a bleeding soul 
dependent alone in my darkness, 
feeling the nightly silence 
when sadness surrounds the air I breath, 
my mornings were unrecognized 
that is when I enjoy,
 hearing a voice. 

I live in the silence of the night 
knowing I have to sleep 
without choices I become numb,
 needing to move on by
 looking upfront and not behind,
 be prepared for the unexpected 
that will lie ahead, 
as what happened behind
 should be forgotten. 
Waking up with the day 
to have contact with the human race
 and not lack the freedom
 to keep searching for a today,
 as my life became an emotional one.
 That is why opening my blinds 
to welcome the light 
penetrate through my darkness,
 helps my inner soul,
 Gods creation feel safe,
 and not be afraid.

Awake with the morning breeze 
even in my solitude feel the urge
to undertake the freedom to choose 
how to become aware and widely 
awake that I am no more naive 
& come to the conclusion after discovering 
my past tragedies were to my 
advantages taught me not to repeat the 
same mistakes. 

Getting up with the morning sun
 to nurture my energy to navigate 
throughout my coming life with 
persistence determination imagination 
of how to become successful 
in a new direction that would 
drag me out of my own jail 
I will then, feel safe & not be afraid.

Rise this morning be allowed 
to be free set free to remove my veil 
unveil the strength of my spirit
 and soul stick to my believes that 
there is nothing as powerful 
as the unspoken, I will then cruise 
through my way and will not be afraid.

Only then i can smell love
 if anybody loves me, 
only then I can lighten 
up my dreams with dignity
 and splendor, only then 
I can burn down my needs 
with strength and courage.

Only then I can start having a life 
with a new wisdom which did not 
exist yesterday, 
only then I can face the whole 
world and feel safe not 
afraid to choose my destiny 
and create choices that is why,
 I was born yesterday. 

                                              Therese Bacha