O decayed lover, Thanatos slave,
Embedded winter's kiss in thy grave.
Thine whispers from cyanosis lips,
Caressing mine soul with frigid fingertips.

Mine heart embittered with tempered ice,
Bereaved from thine essence sacrifice.
Cradled in the bosom of death domain,
Hades stole thee from this mortal plane.

Barren winterous arms grieve,
But mine ardor eternally cleave. 
Shades extend their greedy jowls,
I n'er be dragged hastily to Hades bawls.

I know not the hour of mine demise,
Our rejoining brooks no compromise.
Impatient descent, to search evermore,
Pursuing thee to river Styx shore.

For naught even Hades can dismiss passion,
A futile dispute but obscure ashen.
A bespelled heart can naught be unloved,
Mine eternal devotion, mine beloved.