My Vision of the Indian Slaughter

Written by: Timothy Jacks

That day is etched in the back of my mind still
I was five yet I can still hear the screams and cries piercing in the clearing
My uncle Hodge was in the saddle on Babydoll
His best friend Wade was on a stud dealing with those problems
My uncle said " Timbo look theres Indians" then they both took off at a gallop
I look and at first I did'nt see nothing
I knew they was playing so I thought lets see if this pony can catch em
But wait now I can hear them
I look and I see women Indian and children running into the clearing
I was'nt scared they looked like innocent women and children
I figured I would see what they wanted
Then I heard the hooves beating into the earth
Then I knew their situation
I waited to see if I was mistaken
Then I seen a Soldier on horseback with a saber
cutting down a young warrior
I heard the cries of his mother
as she ran to her son who was slaughtered
I hallored at her 
I told her not too
He waited till she got closer
He smiled his eyes lit up and he struck her
I was like if I had a gun I would help ya'll
But Im not a sheep to be slaughtered

I still go there, I have found arrowheads and pottery
I was baptized in the creek beyond the clearing
There I have made money 
On Christmas I went to p[ay my respects
To that young brave warrior
I found a dead fox then
The cactus are black and dying
It is sacred ground
It is where I will face them