Sending You My Love

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

~Sending You My Love~ Sending you my love Through all the letters I’ve penned In the hope that you dream of When I'm back home to you once again~ I know that your heart sheds tears Through the echoes of your soul’s cry Just remembering the memories of our past years Of a love that will never die~ The war eventually will come to an end Leaving my voice the only thing you’ll hear When I’m back home once again Holding you close to my heart where love is cherished so dear~ So for now, I’m sending you my love Through the words that I’ve expressed on paper In the hope that you dream of Our memories we will make from years later~ Rest your precious eyes on your soft pillow Those are only meant to see a love in bloom So wipe away those precious tears of sorrow For someday I’ll be coming back home to you~