Fawning Meadow

Written by: Stephen Parker

Nature's, anesthetizing beauty held 
tightly in escrow
'Til on tendered form its heavenly 
charm can bestow

Fair maiden strides through 
manicured meadow
In her lovely essence, the enchanted 
flora doth wallow

Overhead, azure canvas paints a 
regal halo
Her satin cheeks radiant in Helios's 

Beneath, green clover spreads its 
downy pillow
Her dainty feet tenderly the svelte 
blades furrow

Lilac strands their fragrant 
essence strew
As her ebony locks in soothing 
breeze flow

White, silken lillies fringe the 
bristling undertow
Roon paps gild voluptuous, damsel's, 
milky tallow

Twirling dandelions their feathery 
dander billow
Maiden's silted bosom takes a 
respite under fawning willow

Creamy buttercups in the noonday 
heat their hearth's mellow
In their steamy shadow, frothy 
maiden spreads her umbrella