The case of Love

Written by: wayland bunch

In the case of life Love turns from plaintiff to defendant
Justice the judge, is impartial throughout the hearing
Love left to plea for it’s mere existence
Justice in the process of rearing the ugly verdict
You called upon Wisdom, says Justice
Which you considered to be your greatest ally
However Wisdom proved to be your downfall
Because Wisdom does not reside with you
In fact Folly is your greatest ally
You , Love, Called upon compassion
Compassion could not offer you solace
You had received all Compassion could give
You gave it away at every chance
Love, you then blamed betrayal for your failings
Betrayal proved that also it was never in your way
Moreover it was working in your interest at every turn
Only hiding it’s motives to protect your constituents 
Justice says, I must say you are the greatest charity worker
You work in the interest of no one and in the interest of everyone
Your logic is error and your error is logic
A true contradiction of yourself
You live on a path between Triumph and Tragedy
Taking either route as you go through Time
You say Happiness is your goal
You say that Hope will lead you there
Have in Time, Hope can prove true or false
Then you claim you then are the goal in yourself
But you have already proved to be a contradiction
What then can be said about you Love
I say you make the greatest case, with the least evidence
There is your virtue and your vice