My Friend

Written by: wayland bunch

Passing through this void, two souls embrace
 Each opening itself to the other
 A spark ignited now fueled by understanding
 The bond formed pure
 Founded in trust
 Where time and space normally destroy
 They make this bond stronger
 Each soul expressing is weaknesses, becomes stronger
 Not a strength of force, but of compassion
 Truly the greatest thing shared between friends is that very friendship
 A unity not based on what each can offer
 But on emotional burden each can remove
 Each day they move through the world on their journey
 Trials and tribulations weaken each, but an unbreakable bond is already formed
 As each gets weak the bond strengthens the two
 Nether one ever truly alone
 Each judges the other but a guilty verdict is never rendered
 I have the greatest appreciation for you
 Not because you're my friend, built because you allow me to be yours
 Friendship grows itself by a continual sharing of that friendship
 Look at me as a mirror
 Reflecting your souls true beauty
 Talk to me as a recorder 
Sharing your hearts true song 
Write to me as your diary
 Telling the true story of your life
 When your down and it seems there is no where to turn
 Look inside yourself and know I'm there waiting to help you back on your way
 When all else has been compromised and false fails
 Know I'm here and our friendship prevails