Written by: timilehin obisakin

Picture of many statures,
Different styles and postures,
I have seen some options,
But this omioho uchenna queen has got a priceless worth,
As d name implies,
Beauty is divine,
So  I smile at  her style,
Among the many your  picture is different,
Nothing  less I could tell,
Something more you could hear,
Would love to b her prince,
And she 2b my  princess,
No contest love is in the air,
Imagine a. cupid in between here,
Smile from me 2her,
Hope she smile to my poem like waoh!!!
I'm her  biggest catch so  don't frown,
Its just a thought I  would love to make a reality,
What if she has an hand bag,
Hey I'm shy but I don fall 4her ,
Her Pictures is the  best have seen in a while,
A damsel to behold is never far,
I like this  omalicha.