Berenice, Where Are Your Teeth

Written by: Michael F Lewis

Berenice! Berenice! 
Where are your teeth?
And where did I leave my soul?
I had it yesterday before the lecture,
Where I took in so so much,
And I’ve never known so little since,
I ran for 30 seconds and became half a man,
And drank the great imperative,
Down black leaven country roads,
I’m sure this is the way…
If not I’ll get down on bended tree and fly away!
O’er the treetops I’ll resound,
Till Alfred wakes me and I drown.
Oh father’s heart achoo and achoo, 
The black black heart of you,
The bluebird bites the hand that dares traverse the throat,
But I’ll win, when the next whores go ‘round the track,
With the fortune that I found in your eye,
Which bought my outcast state,
I visited the orange and dusty city with strong sweaty shoulders,
On whistling balloons tied to a dying light,
And down the length of a craggily arm 
To his crooked pointing fingertip,
He was screaming from his wire-framed lips,
“O Thou! O Thou!!”
And there ended my dream and poetry.

Michael F. Lewis

On poems that swim through my mind before sleep.
How many poems and poets can you find? 
Some of this is nonsense.,
Unedited at the end of my glass....