You Have The Power

Written by: Therese Bacha

You Have The Power

My youth was evaporating, I needed to go back 
to my doctor, run towards his clinic which 11 
years ago I stood at that door, helpless, bloody, 
lost, angry, vindictive, and alone, already brutalized 
by my husband at the time, for years I was abused 
had not known who I was.

Today I am standing at a his door, 
lamenting for help, as since that first 
glimpse, I never felt alone, he lived with me, in me, 
every day of my life for 11 years, his shadow was 
my conscious, we were holding hands during my 
life at that time, now I am re living his words of
encouragement said to me:

When we met after all those years, you seemed 
flying as an apparition, a beautiful body, covered by 
a selective style, long black hair blowing away by the 
friendly wind, not to cover your expressive face as a 
madonna, an attractive personality, full of dignity and pride, 
exquisite charm, a sophisticated woman who is in love 
with life, you moved on, leaving that abuser to fall in love
with life.

You live to feel other human beings pains, and happiness, 
although you were scarred yourself by a vicious husband.
On a moonless night when destiny obliged you to run look 
for someone to talk to, and at that time I was in my clinic, 
when you stood disguised with 
that brutal face.

You have a scar with no cure, fight to prohibit yourself from 
dwelling indifferent, depend on yourself to regain your 
independence, nourish your heart to survive, maintain a regular 
situation, don't blame yourself as you are needed by family
who loves you.

Feel comfortable in your within, even like your
own solitude, as you will find life easier,
if you know who you are,
you must have a gift to be proud of, discover it, 
and face life.

Life beyond can still feel and look beautiful, I can tell you that, 
as I will give you a guarantee, that your mind will transform 
you as tenacious enough to dominate the wheel of your ship, 
cross the overcoming ferocious waves, by landing on a safe 
shore to commence an adventurous journey, that would 
enlighten your eyes, through the richness in your heart, 
to be a survival. 

You can run to find a boat on a waveless silent ocean, needing 
to feel liberated, possess the waters and share your sadness by 
asking a wave to carry you away, and disappear in the depth, 
allowing your few moments of liberty, and freedom, before 
returning to the shore, to face the reality of this sudden 
turning point in your life.

I am sure now 
you are ready to leave your past misery, and fall in love 
again with the right man. 
I will always support you as your doctor, today you are different,
decide to see the bright side of life, and cherish your today as 
never before, you are stronger, and ready to walk through 
a wonderful path. 
Stay in touch, 
I will always remain your conscious.

                             She Had The Power.
                                Therese Bacha