A Poet and a Thief

Written by: Nestor David Armas

You call me
A poet and a thief,
So let me indulge thee
I'll make this short and brief,
We're all alike you and I
A tooth for a tooth
And eye for an eye,
Makes us thick
As thieves in a booth
No lock to pick,
If the door is open
Why still do we break in
To steal a heart
Is this a sin?
If done with poetry
The rules are faulty,
Meant to be broken
Golden token
Means; there's not a ruler
That can't crack
A diamond jeweler,
So we find ourselves back to back
Meeting on a level plain
Stealing syllables from the insane
We interpret and manipulate
All vowels and consonants in prose
Burglars thorns and words a rose...