Written by: Judy Oketch

Place your hand on this desperation
And save this dying soul
Don't take me into the wilderness: Don't let me survive
Crucify me, but don't call me Jesus
I am the soul that has refused to die
Thanatos, my body, mind and heart, thanatos!!!
Kill me but don't let me feel the pain
Destroy me; turn me into ashes but don't burn me
I want to be me
Still me I am not: I see me killing I
Trapped in a maze of endless tails; gasping and clutching to an escaping breath;
I scream a scream-less yawn of this once flamboyant soul;
I refuse to die; I choose to run towards the rising sun;
that paints the face of God;
Yet I still within my desperation
Connecting to the killer within
Surround me intently but
Hopes of the ancient poetry.
Please don't engage my screaming in... 
Cut off the American soother from within me
Because this soul can't dwell around you.