In a Deep Sleep

Written by: Judy Oketch

Should I one day,
In a deep sleep go,
Not to wake up,
Do not grieve over my departure, 
I wished it upon me.

When in despair perhaps,
While in deep sorrow,
You and I never were,
I ran away, yet you still chased.
Nevertheless, I deserve non your emotions.

I perceive peace in my destination,
My present is misled; corrupted!
Then in my absence, don't miss me.
I would not have earned the feeling.

Should I, in a deep sleep go not to wake,
Do not accuse me of my departure.
For even though you,
You knew I wanted peace, in another realm; body.

Understand me then, should the day come.
Six feet under I'll be lain,
A hundred miles you were from me
A hundred miles in life.
Yet my departure,
In all fairness,
I wished upon me.