Written by: Ajayi Angel-Simon

It’s a cold evening, hands buried in coat;
My chrysalis lover rends this quote:
“It is a life preserving medicine
to be in love with the right person.”
For the love we both share
Is like Cleopatra in Anthony’s care

She’s my affection at present
But if, inevitably, she is absent,
Will I still relish her scent?
Won’t this strong emotion soon relent?
Will the pleasure of another event
In distant lands demand me to repent?

Will she wait till I pay the bridal fee?
In a decade, won’t she be parental free?
Will she, in love and trust, tarry
till our seed of love becomes a tree?

Songs we’ve sang
Places we hang
Victories we bang
Every day we rang

Won’t this love face its battle?
Don’t we tolerate each other’s flaws?
Doesn’t beauty shrink in Time’s claws?
Won’t these dark glowing skins wrinkle?

No red bond, yet we’re a single;
We hated it whenever we cross
the bounds of moral laws.
Our smooth flesh, did we fondle? 

We’ve decided no checking the blouse:
no browsing the body with palm-mouse;
that our senses will not arouse
to defile the Lord’s house.