ways of living VIII

Written by: andrew delapruch

unbeknownst to even you,
the memory plays tricks to
guard, the memory builds
walls & the memory even
blocks out & when the memory
refuses to let you into what
has happened, these things,
these horrible things (or
things that you might deem
horrible, even if the present
you isn’t away of your making
this designation) disappear,
as if they have never happened
& the healthy you, the one that
you believe is whole, upright &
steadfast, may very well rely on
this ability to provide amnesia
& as long as it all stays silent,
everything seems like it belongs
that way---as long as it all stays
silent, to you, the world makes
sense & all the things that bring
you harm or at least make an 
attempt at doing so in the present,
seem manageable.