ways of living VI

Written by: andrew delapruch

as if one played ping-pong
unfairly, slamming the ball
downward at the “opponent”
without letting them know the
game has started---yelling at
them for yelling, when they
haven’t made a sound, 
cursing them for not caring,
for never listening to a word
that they say, when in all reality,
this is why s/he showed interest
in him/her in the first place---
making comments under the 
breath about characteristics of
said “partner,” which have no
basis in a reality outside the 
scolding, outside the argument,
outside the moment---with
accusations of infidelity (when
s/he is the one who has been
looking around), with accusations
of insecurity (when s/he is the
one who truly hates her/himself) &
the film is flapping on the reel.