i am not allowed to summon her name because her hubby must be very insecure

Written by: jeffry cohan


Today, whichever man is now with you
Whoever is doing that which we used to do
Whoever gets to feel what I once felt
I hope he appreciates the sexy, sylphlike and svelte

To whomever your heart has now been led
Whatever man now shares your bed
I’d give him the following information
You get my unrivaled recommendation

Does he worship you as a goddess at once born,
and treat you just like an angel foresworn?
Does he now know what I knew at one time,
and does he realize he sleeps aside the sublime?

Is every day an adventure like the ones we once shared,
back when I still mattered and when you still cared?
Do you play in the surf like we did in bare feet,
and as I did does he bless the day you both came to meet?

Are you as comfortable with him as you were with me?
Or will you burn him like you burnt me in effigy?
Did you swear your lasting allegiance with a sip of sacramental wine?
Or will you implode his world the way you exploded mine?
© 2012…copyright PHREEPOETREE ..~free cee!~