Feeling the sensation

Written by: Chuma Okonkwo

I can feel the sensation
The Christmas lights in all nooks and crannies
Decorated graceful to grace the Lord’s coming
I can hear the melody from the wind chime 
Echoing Christmas-Christmas-Christmas;
Likened to the sounds of vuvuzule;
Heralding his birth.

Spine-tinglingly the excitements unroll
A tidal wave of public emotions
Exemplified in handful of gifts-shopping
The excitements caught up on me
I swam with the tide of shopping spree.

I looked in the sky
The breezy and flatulent climate
Was kind and kindling in its showers of tidings
It was stimulating and refreshing
Brandished in breathtaking moist grayness.

I looked at the beach
The never-ending vista of deep blue ocean
The windswept captivating and azure cloud formations
The panoramic view of rolling high lands
Put me on cloud nine.

Flourishing in the vicinity are vivid green grasses
Which are awe-inspiring
Though I came back home chilly
I was glad I felt the sensation.